Friday, March 15, 2013

New Bubble Shooter Game with a High Addiction Quotient!

Bubble Shooter Game

Are you looking for a quick game online, that relaxes you and peps you up for other tasks? If you are not an avid gamer, sometimes the complicated rules and regulations of serious game-worlds can be overwhelming. If you are simply looking for a good time, a quickie that is fun and easy to understand, a shooting game is a great idea. Especially if this game comes with colorful shiny balls in the picture, it gives you a really feel-good vibe as you play. Crusher is a classic bubble shooter game with challenges that anyone can understand. What's more, the format is in strong bold colors, so you do not tire your eyes too much when you're playing. People all over the world have fun playing this amazingly simple game that can keep you occupied for hours.

The rules of the game are fairly logical and you get them in a single reading. The instructions are clearly laid out, so all you need to do is read the simple instructions and get, set, shoot! A black game screen with a ball shooter at the base is where all the fun takes place. Rows of balls in bright and attractive colors come down, steadily, steadily, without a pause. It is a solid wall of balls and your challenge is to break right through! The break-through power is in the ball shooter, from which the colored ball you shoot, makes a difference. Your aim is to make matches of three or more balls in the same color. The matched balls dissolve, and you are one up on the game! Sounds very simple, but there's a challenge in this, which is much about luck. It is, you do not know the color of the ball before it appears on the shooter.

So, keep shooting, shooting, and looking for the right matches, to clear the screen in the exciting bubble shooter game of Crusher. You may ask, why the game is called Crusher and the answer is obvious when you play. That wall of shiny balls can crush your game if you're not fast enough with making the correct color matches. Do not let the wall get to the level of your shooter, or you're a goner! You have to play fast, keeping your eyes peeled for the colors, and shoot quickly, before the wall gets to a dangerously low level. This is the basic premise of the game, and it is these simple rules that make it so very addictive. Whatever your age, and whether you are a regular gamer or not, it hardly takes minutes to understand the game and get playing. You can save your score at the end of a game, and if you like, compare yours against that of others playing all over the world. Challenge yourself to get higher scores as you proceed to the next level in the game. The thrill of clearing all the balls to speed up to the next level can keep you hooked. Sharp-shooting, bright and simple, Crusher is a fun game for everyone.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Game - Crazy Taxi 2 Cityscape

Get ready for the craziest cab ride of your life! Crazy Taxi 2 – Cityscape will have you sitting on the edge of your chair as you zoom through the downtown area.

As the game starts, you will find yourself cruising down the wide open road. The meter is running and your goal in Crazy Taxi 2 – Cityscape is to get through each level as quickly as possible. Taking too long to complete a level will cause your time to run out. Of course, the game would not be any fun without a challenge, so keep your eyes open for obstacles along the way.

To complete each level quickly, you will need to jump or zigzag around all of the other vehicles on the road. You must avoid hitting any of the other vehicles – and there will be lots of them that pop up! Running into the other vehicles will cause you to slow down resulting in time lost. Keep your eyes open – both the milk truck and police car seem to appear out of thin air!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Game - Christmas Trivia Game

The goal of the Christmas Trivia Game is simple: answer all of the questions correctly to advance to the next level. The hard part is knowing the answer to all of the questions! Some of the questions you are sure to know the answer to - while others will really test your Christmas quiz knowledge! For example, in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, do you know what biological shortcoming made the Grinch so mean? What about this question - do you know what the most popular tree topper is? You will find the answers to these questions – and many others – while playing PrizeRoom’s Christmas Trivia Game.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Game - Christmas Gems

To advance through Christmas Gems, you must destroy the holiday gems by swapping them into rows or columns of three or more of the same gems. With each successful match, your score and the amount of playing time remaining increases. The difficulty of the game becomes gradually more challenging with each level completed.

Christmas Gems contains numerous levels that will keep contestants challenged, amused and returning to often. After playing Christmas Gems, be sure to check out PrizeRoom’s rapidly growing list of other fun games and prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Finish that list for Santa, grab a candy cane and your computer, and settle in for PrizeRoom’s Christmas Gems! Click here to get started.


Friday, December 11, 2009

New Game - Christmas Trivia Quiz

The goal of Christmas Trivia Quiz is simple: answer all of the questions correctly to advance to the next level. Some of the questions you are sure to know the answers to - while others will really test your Christmas knowledge! For example, do you know what the biggest selling Christmas song single of all time is? Not sure? How about this question - what the name is of the famous Christmas ballet performed annually in most major cities?

Christmas is a popular time to gather with friends and family. Why not invite them to challenge you in a round of Christmas Quiz? Playing PrizeRoom’s Christmas Quiz might even give you an excuse to slip away while others are cleaning the house for guests or washing that sky-high pile of dishes after dinner is over!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mouse Trap - Classic Arcade Game

In order to trap the mouse, you must surround him with the pillars. When the game opens there will be a few pillars randomly placed on the board. You have the first move so plan your approach wisely and start off on the right foot by making a good tactical decision. Once you know where you want to place a pillar, simply click on that spot.

As all mice are, this one is very sly and will move across the board quickly. In fact, many times you will think that you are just about to capture him, only to have him dart off the board. If the mouse does leave the board he has “escaped” and the game is over. If you can trap him with your strategic placement of the pillars, then you have successfully conquered PrizeRoom’s Mouse Trap game!

If the mouse does escape, a quick click of the “End Game” button will direct you to a page where you can choose to play again. With each game play, the location of the
pre-set pillars will change, presenting a new challenge each time. In fact, even after you catch the mouse, you can keep playing the game repeatedly and it will be different each time.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Top 10 Games For October 16th

Here's a list of our Top 10 Games for the week of October 16th.

1. Demon Solitaire

2. Chicken Crossing

3. Mouse Trap

4. Bridge Crossing

5. Mahjongg

6. Mayan Mask Mayhem

7. Rise of Atlantis

8. Bouncing Balls

9. Parking Mania

10. Blackjack

New Game - Crusher

Your mission in Crusher is to clear all of the balls from the screen by grouping them into clusters of three or more of the same color before the iron crushes you. Crusher will remind individuals of the popular Bouncing Balls game that has enthralled casual game players all over the world for years. Crusher will keep your on your toes to the very end. Whether you decide to do a straight shot or strategic ricochet shot, you must aim carefully. Pay special attention to the ball that is in the queue – you will want to you take it into consideration when shooting the current ball. With each cluster of balls of the same color cleared, and each level successfully completed, your score will increase. Each new level you enter will bring a surprising new challenge.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Game - Jungle Gems

A new gem swapping game with a jungle twist - and cool prizes!

Jungle Gems will remind users of the vastly popular Bejeweled game that has captivated game players nationwide for years. Set against an Amazon Rainforest background, this game is sure to hold your attention. The goal of the game is to destroy the gems by swapping tiles in order to match rows or columns of three or more of the same gems. With each match made, your score and the amount of playing time remaining increases. With each level, the difficulty of the game becomes more and more challenging.

Click HERE to play.