Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mouse Trap - Classic Arcade Game

In order to trap the mouse, you must surround him with the pillars. When the game opens there will be a few pillars randomly placed on the board. You have the first move so plan your approach wisely and start off on the right foot by making a good tactical decision. Once you know where you want to place a pillar, simply click on that spot.

As all mice are, this one is very sly and will move across the board quickly. In fact, many times you will think that you are just about to capture him, only to have him dart off the board. If the mouse does leave the board he has “escaped” and the game is over. If you can trap him with your strategic placement of the pillars, then you have successfully conquered PrizeRoom’s Mouse Trap game!

If the mouse does escape, a quick click of the “End Game” button will direct you to a page where you can choose to play again. With each game play, the location of the
pre-set pillars will change, presenting a new challenge each time. In fact, even after you catch the mouse, you can keep playing the game repeatedly and it will be different each time.