Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Game - Crazy Taxi 2 Cityscape

Get ready for the craziest cab ride of your life! Crazy Taxi 2 – Cityscape will have you sitting on the edge of your chair as you zoom through the downtown area.

As the game starts, you will find yourself cruising down the wide open road. The meter is running and your goal in Crazy Taxi 2 – Cityscape is to get through each level as quickly as possible. Taking too long to complete a level will cause your time to run out. Of course, the game would not be any fun without a challenge, so keep your eyes open for obstacles along the way.

To complete each level quickly, you will need to jump or zigzag around all of the other vehicles on the road. You must avoid hitting any of the other vehicles – and there will be lots of them that pop up! Running into the other vehicles will cause you to slow down resulting in time lost. Keep your eyes open – both the milk truck and police car seem to appear out of thin air!